BA Consulting enjoys a strong reputation for our ability to quickly solve complex information systems challenges. Our reputation is a result of extensive experience. In fact, we have conducted security assessments, provided disaster recovery solutions to many prestigious companies.
iStock_000007395743XSmall-300x300Small businesses have unique IT problems that often require complex solutions. In fact small business systems may be at risk more than larger companies. BA Consulting understands small business needs and provides affordable, common sense solutions to what may seem like an insurmountable problem.

We recognize that each business environment is different and takes a specialized approach to developing IT solutions that work within the needs and budget of the client.

The topics describe more detailed information on our services. For more information on any of these services, contact us directly at (501) 758-8467, or send us an e-mail.

Security Audit

Our deliberate approach to IT security begins with the security audit. From the viewpoint of the ISO 9000 standard, Banks & Associates consultants examine company practices to ensure data security. A full-blown audit examines five key areas and over 100 other areas of a company’s IT network and Web systems. Once completed, the client is provided a detailed document that can be used as a road map to fixing security holes.

Database Management

iStock_000007517489XSmall-300x199The most valuable information a business has is the information housed in the information system about their customers. The identification of customer spending habits, segmenting the database to cross promote additional services or products, and profiling the best customers are services that provide valuable information to management critical to establishing the best strategic and annual plans.

Disaster Recovery

No security assessment would be complete without examining your disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery relates to data backup systems and recovery in case of loss. Disasters can cripple your business and proper planning with complete network security audits can minimize the loss. Our team can help create the plan.

ISO 9000 Standard

Banks & Associates has auditors/consultants/trainers who work with corporations preparing for certification to ISO 9000. We have provided over 400 IT Systems Capability Audits and over 50 Supply Line Engineering Vendor Compliance and Qualification Audits since 1999.

Microsoft® Office 365

Get more value at no additional cost for Microsoft® Office 365 with Banks & Associates as your Microsoft partner! With a subscription to Microsoft® Office 365 through Banks & Associates your organization can continue using the software you have been using for years, but you now get to shift the burden onto Microsoft. In addition, there are other key benefits including security and 24/7 software support. You’ve never had that from Microsoft before.

Plus, even if you already have an off-the-shelf version of Microsoft® Office 365, a subscription can provide much more to your business, such as automatic upgrades — and it comes AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU!

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