The 5 Main Reasons Banks Turn Down Small Business Owners for Loans

The bank said “NO!” You were counting on that small business loan to help your business grow. If it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. Over the last few years, large banks have been reducing the amount of loans that they’re issuing to small businesses. The Wall Street Journal reports that it may […]

Are Merchant Cash Advance Loans Getting Small Businesses in Hot Water or An Ends to a Mean

Government agencies, banks and consumer advocacy groups have been trying to find ways to clamp down on the predatory nature and proliferation of payday and title loan businesses. However, hiding in the shadows is another growing industry that is taking advantage of small businesses across the U.S. They are companies offering merchant cash advance loans […]

How to improve your FICO score in 5 steps

Our FICO scores impact our ability to borrow both as a business and as individuals. Traditional banks use them as the basis of many of their lending decisions, and a bad score can mean rejection before the ink has dried on the application. This is the reason so many of us worry about our scores. […]

4 Common Financial Mistakes Every Small Business Owner Should Avoid

Most entrepreneurs begin their business with a “good idea” without much thought to manage the administrative tasks that make them successful and allow them to grow. Every entrepreneur and business owner will make a few financial mistakes during their journey. Those who aren’t savvy in accounting often overlook the need to brush up on their […]

Your SMB needs $$$. You need smart solutions.

At every business stage—starting out, sustaining or growing—one requirement is a constant: money. And even though it doesn’t always seem so, there are more financing options available to small and mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs than ever. Like the adage about working smarter not harder, the secret is in being smarter about financing. But the smart […]

Who’s Your CFO?

More and more SMBs are having success with outsourcing this key position For most small businesses, there are usually only two answers to the question. You (the owner) are the CFO (sort of), or There is no CFO (often expressed as, we don’t need a CFO) That second answer is indicative of a management trap […]

10 Ways Microsoft® Office 365 Subscription benefits your business

1) Seamless Coordination with the Tools You Already Know  Office 365 works seamlessly with the programs you already know and use, including Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher and PowerPoint. These tools provide the same great features you rely on as well as powerful capabilities in Office 365. With multiple subscription levels in Microsoft Office 365, […]