Group Facilitation

Banks & Associates consultants are experts at group facilitation. Whether the group is within the same company for a custom training or planning exercise for different companies within the same industry, we use a variety of group facilitation techniques for participants to maintain focus, stimulate thought processes and produce results.

Management Bureaus

Companies in non-competing markets within the same industry can learn from their peers, exchange information, and match performance against industry benchmarks. This concept works well for numerous industries from retail and personal service businesses like jewelers and drycleaners to professional services like medical practices or attorneys.

User Groups

A company’s development or implementation of a new software package can be an expensive proposition. When non-competitive companies who use the same software package meet regularly and exchange ideas about the usage of the product, the software can yield maximum benefits to the user. Training, accountability, and implementation of best practices make user group participation valuable for the software developer and the client.

Custom Training

Banks & Associates consultants are experts at implementing training programs for your company or organization. We’ll work with your management team to develop the program that is best for your company. Whether it’s a general teambuilding session, employment orientation, or any custom session your company needs, we’re experts at producing results!