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We provide financial services that range from a complete restructuring of a small business’ capital stack, including transferring ownership from one generation to the next to providing underwriting and due diligence for banks and private investors.  Since 1999 when we performed our first due diligence and underwriting assignment for a private lender, we’ve assisted clients to structure their loan request to have the best opportunity for our banks and investors to say ‘yes’.  Over the years, our underwriting relationships have developed into correspondent relationships with a group of banks, processors, and investors putting us in position to help you achieve your business objectives.

Small businesses traditionally have had difficulty establishing the correct capital structure combining long term debt and equity.  This need was amplified when the economy changed in the 4th quarter of 2008 and is still tremendous as most regulated banks only offer a loan product that balloons every three or five years.  Most bank loan officers can’t “think outside the box”  to assist the small business owner like we can.

EasyCash™ Loan Program

Pre-Approval is Fast!

When you need ready cash with a small commercial loan, time-consuming bank processes – with their loan committee bottlenecks and endless paperwork – can wind up leaving you out in the cold. That’s why the EasyCash™ Loan Program is uniquely set up to do things a bank simply cannot, such as turn your pre-approval around FAST – in as few as 48 hours.

  • Purchase
  • Renovate
  • Refinance
  • Expand
  • Consolidate Debt
  • Buy Inventory

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs!

Unlike many bank programs, the EasyCash™ Loan Program is a simplified program. This means that the “full-document” loan program paperwork just isn’t required, (except for commercial real estate). It also means more flexibility and faster turnaround times.

  • No tax returns required
  • 4 months business bank statements
  • Unrestricted cash-out
  • Loan amounts under $500,000
  • Full documentation programs are secured on properties like:
    Multi-family, Mixed Use, Warehouse, Office, Retail, Industrial,
    Automotive, Special use and More!
  • Affordable payments
  • Automatic payment options – no more writing checks

Applying is Easy!

With the EasyCashTM Loan Program, you don’t have to hassle with submitting endless paperwork to apply for a loan. Applying is a snap with our ultra-simple, three-step loan process.

Step 1:  Begin the process simply by calling or clicking below; we will guide        
             you through, step-by-step.

Step 2: Send bank statements and a few other simple documents to our       
             experienced team.

Step 3: Closing is as convenient as your own office!

SBA AND USDA GUARANTEED LOANS – $500,000 – $15,000,000

As SBA Preferred Lenders, we can do things your local bank can’t do through our bank origination agreements.  Features of this program include:

Rates starting at 5.5%
Up to 90% LTVSBA3-300x152
Seller Carry-back up to 90% CLTV
Full Documentation
Construction and startups considered
Low debt service coverage requirement

Eligible property types include medical and dentistry offices, automotive services, gas stations / convenience stores, retail / retail strip centers, light industrial / warehouses, manufacturing, mixed use, mini-storage, and hospitality.

HUD Multi-Family and Healthcare – $1,000,000 and up

Contractors2-300x199BA Funding has correspondent relationships with MAP and LEAN Processors for multi-family and healthcare (assisted living facilities, skilled nursing and tertiary care hospitals) products.    Property refinance and acquisition can be closed within 120 days.  New construction is a six to nine month process depending on your progress with architectural drawings.  In the Northeast, especially NYC, we’re also able to work with coops within this framework.  The process is tedious for the best program available for these property types, but we’re here to guide you through the process.

  • Up to 40 year amortization from construction to permanent financing
  • Fixed rates at the lowest in 50 years
  • Non-recourse
  • Up to 83.6% LTC (credit given for property equity)
  • Full documentation
  • 1.2 debt service coverage requirement

Property types include all multi-family housing, including, townhouses, duplexes, patio home and garden style apartments; senior independent living, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing, tertiary care hospitals.  Up to 10% of the square footage can be allocated to retail or office space.


Our investor financing program is designed for multi-use generic commercial, industrial, retail, office, hospitality (full and limited service, but must be flagged), self-storage (50 unit minimum),  multi-family, and medical service properties.  Gas stations, convenience stores, car washes or land development are not eligible property types.

  • $1,000,000  minimum loan size
  • 30 year amortization
  • 3, 5, 7 or 10 year terms
  • Maximum 80% LTV (Hospitality is only 65%)
  • Non-recourse with standard exceptions for fraud and misrepresentation


Private lending falls into two distinct categories – investors who lend as a part of their investment portfolio at conventional rates (insurance companies, for example) and asset based lenders at above market rates (i.e. hedge funds), designed to allow the borrower to exercise an opportunity.   We’ve been performing underwriting and due diligence for private lenders since 1999.

Conventional Private Lending

  •  $1,000,000  minimum loan size
  • 20 year amortization after construction period
  • 3, 5, 7 or 10 year terms
  • Maximum 80% LTV (Hospitality is only 65%)
  • Financial strength of borrower determines recourse

Asset Based Lending – Interim Financing

  • $1,000,000  minimum loan size
  • Interest only
  • 1 year terms with options to renew, usually in 6 month intervals with additional points
  • Maximum 65% LTV on quick sale value
  • Full-recourse


Historic structures and distressed economic areas call for the use of tax credits as a source of capital as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.  The most common tax credit types are historic credits, new market credits and production tax credits.  The use of these financing vehicles requires the expertise of our tax accountants licensed to practice before the IRS.  Many development projects also can contain a public component that becomes eligible for bond financing.  We have the relationships to coordinate public and private sector financing.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE AND PURCHASE ORDER FINANCINGsmall-business-administration-loan1-256x300

As your business sells products and/or services to clients, you submit the invoices to BA Funding. We finance your accounts receivable on a discounted basis. Funds are in your business bank account within 24 hours. Financing your receivables allows you to offer more flexible terms to your customers and our reporting allows you to more efficiently track customer activity without having to be the “collection guy”. In many cases, we’ve actually saved clients by “outsourcing” their accounts receivable department.  Business that sell to other business are eligible borrowers. Our receivables financing program allows you to:

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Eliminate administrative costs of billing and managing your accounts
  • Pursue new business opportunities
  • Take early payment discounts from suppliers
  • Make payroll
  • Take advantage of quantity buying discounts
  • Reduce lines of credit


Congress created the EB-5 category in 1990 for immigrants seeking to enter the US to engage in a commercial enterprise that will benefit the US economy and create at least 10 full time jobs.  The investment amount is $500,000 when made in a targeted employment area.  These investments are injected into a company as equity, but must be repaid within seven years.  Ask us about this unique program and how EB-5 equity can bring your project to reality.

Equipment Leasing & Sale/Leaseback Transactions

Our certified Business Financial Consultants can locate something as simple as a lease to allow you to expand without tying up your capital or using your bank lines of credit. If you needs are more complex, we can structure a sale-leaseback transaction to improve your cash flow and clean up your balance sheet. In most cases, if your lease needs are less than $50,000, our application and credit authorization will be all the paperwork we need to approve your deal and get you started.