iStock_000011199295XSmall-300x261A piecemeal approach to marketing can be frustrating and ineffective. Only a comprehensive, strategic approach can maximize your sales, advertising, and marketing resources. Our marketing group is trained to help guide you in a broad range of marketing issues — promotional plans, Web sites, media relations and even complete advertising/marketing programs. And of course, we can help you implement these plans by working with your existing internal or external marketing resources, or with the wide variety of creative resources available to us.

Marketing Strategic Planning

A strategic plan for the marketing and promotion of your organization is a crucial part of your overall strategic business plan. It is this thorough planning that allows every member your team to reflect your company mission, your company’s image, and overall operating philosophy.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive marketing audit
  • Market research to determine market share, competitor strengths and weaknesses, new products or services, etc.
  • Focus Groups
  • Annual marketing plan, including identifying audiences, objectives, market niche, and tactics
  • Workshop/Planning session facilitation, to identify positioning, objectives, branding strategies, etc.

Marketing Plan Implementation

The assessment and planning of your marketing is just the starting point to reach your overall objectives. Banks & Associates consultants have the experience necessary to supervise and coordinate the myriad of activities need to implement a cost-effective marketing program. Our expertise ranges from advertising and collateral materials to media relations, trade shows, and Internet marketing.iStock_000011799040XSmall-300x243

Services include:

  • Media relations
  • Relationship marketing
  • Market research
  • Print and broadcast advertising
  • Collateral materials
  • Direct mail/Database marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Electronic presentations


Marketing Training

From presentation tools to sales techniques, we can help you develop the skills necessary to effectively market your company. Without the necessary skills, all of the strategy and planning time is wasted.

We provide seminars, workshops and training in:

  • Networking
  • Presentation skills
  • Positioning and branding
  • Development of sales manuals and practices