Protect Your Online Data

Basic Technology Policies to Implement in Your Business:

  • Acceptable Data Use: Define for employees the “who, what, when, where and how” parameters surrounding company information.
  • Password Policy: There are some great affordable password management tools that can save your employees from being hacked.
  • Manage Use of Employee Devices: Lay down clear guidelines and directives to ensure that employee devices are being used for only work transactions and not for personal communications.
  • IT Security Plan: Assess what type of data you store, how you use it and what your risk is.
  • Records Retention Policy: We used to think mainly about paper files and steel cabinets. Today, you must consider how electronic files are saved, how long they’re retained, how they’re protected and where they are filed.
  • Social Networking Policy: Manage how much and how long employees can be engaged in social media while at work, and what capacity (if any) they have to speak for the company.
  • Email handling Policy:  Educate employees on how to properly store, respond and discard of emails.
  • Tech Equipment Disposal: Old equipment can contain important proprietary files and needs to be disposed of properly to ensure safety and security of your sensitive data.
  • Clean Desk Policy: Think about it . . . Everyone carries a smartphone— with a camera. Paperwork lying around on a desk could easily be captured in a quick-snap photo.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: Set a number of procedures that should take place in case your technology or network is ever compromised.

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