Human Resources

The ability to attract, retain, motivate, and develop key personnel is critical. The quality of people who make up an organization is a common denominator of successful businesses. The primary objectives of our human resources practice are to help our clients develop effective human resource systems and to provide counsel concerning the broad range of personnel issues.

hr-300x211Systems must be developed, documented, and implemented using effective communication tools for a company to be successful. Our services include performing selected pre-employment, disciplinary, and termination interviews, as well as corporate culture and attitudinal employee surveys. We also provide input and advice on a wide range of the toughest day-to-day personnel issues, including absenteeism, worker’s compensation, employee motivation, compensation, and discipline and termination.

Human Resource Systems/Manuals

Services include:

  • Development and documentation of the Human Resource system
  • Development of policy handbooks
  • Corporate culture and attitude surveys
  • Interviews (pre-employment, disciplinary, termination, etc.)
  • Personnel issues consultation and management (absenteeism, worker’s comp, motivation, discipline, compensation, etc.)
  • Seminars (Health & Safety, Interpersonal Communication, Attracting, Retaining and Motivating Employees, Sexual Harassment, Substance Abuse and other compliance/company policy subjects, etc.)

Coaching and Teambuilding

Even the most effective executives and management teams need to hone their leadership and strategic skills in order to maintain their edge in today’s business environment. Whether in a group session or one-on-one, Banks & Associates has an extensive library of assessment and coaching tools that can be customized to meet your management team needs.

Services include:

  • Leadership training and development
  • High performance team training
  • Effective communication skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • One-on-One coaching and feedback
  • Work-Life balance evaluations
  • Leadership succession planning