Sage Intacct vs QuickBooks: Which is the best accounting software?

Award-winning cloud financial management Sage Intacct, a cloud financial management solution, boasts an impressive track record of awards and customer satisfaction. G2 ranks it as the top alternative to QuickBooks, and it consistently earns the highest marks for customer satisfaction. TrustRadius has honored us with two Top Rated awards, and Gartner has recognized us as […]

Your Business’s Solution

As we are slowly reaching the light at the end of the tunnel,  many business owners are at the crossroads of which route to take next. Common questions: “Will we be able to recover from the financial loss?” “Will business return to some type of normalcy when we reopen?” “Will we have enough resources to […]

With a Pandemic Comes Hackers/Scammers — Protect Your Business

It’s during such times of uncertainty that leads thousands of people on the search for relief, which simultaneously leads them to increased vulnerability of becoming victims to scams and hacks online. Scammers and hackers are using every type of communication to try and deceive people and capitalize on this pandemic. The U.S. government recently passed […]

Relief for Your Business During COVID-19

There’s not a business that hasn’t already been impacted or is soon to be impacted by COVID-19. With the social distancing guidelines being extended another month, many small businesses are in need of financial assistance. Banks and Associates have already taken the approach of finding solutions for all small businesses.   The SBA Disaster Loan is […]

Your Local Source For SBA Disaster Loan Application Assistance

The critical key to successful funding from the SBA is submitting the application correctly and accurately. Without a partner who has diligent experience and knowledge about the SBA process, a single mistake can derail your application. At Banks & Associates, we’ve helped small businesses with their financing needs for decades. There’s not a business that hasn’t […]

Your Declaration of Independence

A business plan is one of those tools that may seem tedious to create but will be essential to your company’s long-term success. As business owners, we often assume we that we know where our company is going, that the unexpected will never happen, that the company will grow as its expected to. As a […]


We’ve seen robust growth and a few rounds of upward pressure on interest rates. And now, interest rates seem to be dropping. Is the US economy headed for another recession? Some business observers seem to think that’s possible, but this is an election year. We’re not economists but we’ve been around long enough to know […]

What to Expect From Your 2018 Income Tax Return

As year-end approaches, everyone’s mind turns to either “What am I going to buy with that tax refund?” or “How am I going to pay what I owe?” Despite what you might hear in the media, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act has plenty for the “little guy.” What the media hasn’t warned you about […]

5 Key Functions of a Virtual CFO

Chief financial officers are relied on by larger companies to take on, manage and control the financial aspect of the business. For smaller companies, the cost of an in-house, on-staff CFO is often prohibitive or unfeasible. This is when a virtual CFO can step in and provide assistance for a business owner to reach profit […]

Protect Your Information From This Dangerous Threat

There are a variety of ways cyber attacks and data breaches can happen, a common way is spear phishing. You may be surprised how many people fall for the bait of spear phishing, but with the extensive research hackers use to target a specific audience, you may never suspect you received a phishing email. The […]